Looking for a Boat Ramp in Western Washington?

We’ve got the book for you!

Boating, sailing, and fishing are entrenched in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. The waters of Western Washington are unparalleled in their beauty, and it is nearly impossible to imagine Western Washington without thinking of the coastline.

Water Line Publishing’s Western Washington’s Boat Launches is the only comprehensive guide to boat launches in the area.  Western Washington’s Boat Launches is a must-have for every boater!

Finding regional, self-published guide books is easy—the difficulty is finding ones that are worth my buck; well thought out, professionally researched, tightly written, designed to be used, comprehensively detailed, fairly priced and above all else—practical, useful and essential.

Western Washington’s Boat Launches is a guidebook conceived by a writer who is a trailering boater who recognized a gaping need and filled it with the details and information that mobile boaters not only appreciate but require when heading off in the night to unfamiliar launches.

This book is written to be used and built to be used often..

Spiral bound to lay flat on the truck seat, produced with big type for quick references at stoplights, sturdy paper pages to resist coffee splatters, creases, and rips and premature fall-out, with each listing complete on one page

—Terry W. Sheely

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